About Founder

Passion leaves no door closed. A young boy with dreams in his eyes came to Delhi from Hyderabad. Mirza Yaseen Baig, now at the age of 85 has his own bookselling business, Midland Bookstore. Initially the store began selling Urdu text books and shifted to English books at this time. The main aim of the bookstore was never to earn profits but to make the generations venture into different characters with midland books. The bookstore at its initial stage used to sell books at 50 paise or even a rupee with the concept of concession which didn’t exist at that time.
Take a stroll through the shop and you will know that the place is book sacred and you will surely get the book you are looking for.

I believe that a person who reads books can never talk nonsense.

-Mirza Yaseen Baig

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