Be the Smarter You: Your App store for Success and Happiness

Be the Smarter You: Your App store for Success and Happiness

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  • ISBN: 9788194752004
  • Author: Rasikraman Das
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster India
  • Pages: 268
  • Format: Paperback

Book Description

Did you ever feel stuck in life? Everyone does, occasionally or all the time! The solution is a personality update – an update that can reboot you into a smarter version of yourself. But how? Just as smart phones have smart apps, smart people have smart ‘Life-apps’. Where do I download these life-apps from? Don’t worry – this book shall be your one-stop app store where you will find 14 life-apps to excel in all spheres of life- the life compass app to help you make prudent decisions; the habits reprogramming app to rebuild your personality bit by bit; the time treasurer app to invest your time wisely; the forgive to live app to heal and deal with emotional injuries; the friendships forever app to build the truly unsinkable ship of close friendships; and many more. These smart life-apps are zipped in with relevant concepts, models, wisdom tales and worksheets to enable faster assimilation and application. So why wait? Make the smart move to read this book today and become the Smarter You.

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