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  • Author Shivani Sibal
  • Format Paperback
  • Publisher Harper Collins
  • Weight 140
  • No. of Pages 208

Book Description

Like family, but not quite.

In New Delhi in the 1980s, Aahan Sikand and Rajesh Kumar are childhood playmates. They have been brought up under the care of the same woman, living in the same house, but with starkly different realities - Aahan is the only son and heir of the fabulously wealthy Sikand family, and Rajesh is the son of Mr Sikand's driver.

As Aahan and Rajesh grow up, the friendship they shared as children reaches an uncomfortable end, as both become aware of their places in the world. While Aahan is expected to keep what he has inherited intact for the next generation, Rajesh, in the eyes of the world, can, at best, hope for a life better than his father's, free of domestic servitude. But he has much larger plans for himself...

Equations is a story of aspiration and social change, of individual ambition and family bonds. It announces the arrival of a striking new author who delves into the secrets of New Delhi politics and business.


‘This riveting rags-to-riches story will fascinate readers as it spotlights the changing realities of the New India through powerful characters, exciting storytelling, suspenseful plot-twists and an insightful depiction of privilege and its costs. A great debut!’
–Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

‘In a city like Delhi, people of every class and creed work and live alongside one another, their lives overlapping but never truly meeting. Shivani Sibal delves into this complex intermingling through the stories of Rajesh and Aahan, whose lives are worlds apart and tightly intertwined. A story of class, power, and the shifting dynamics of modern India, Equations is an empathetic and multi-layered novel.’
– Shashi Tharoor

‘Equations tackles several contemporary and complex dynamics within multi-layered Indian families with elan! It left me pretty breathless as I tried to keep up with the many surprising twists in the family saga, that tackles class and caste, politics and prejudice with sharp observations and terrific insights!’
–Shobhaa De

‘Shivani Sibal's Equations portrays, with power and precision, worlds that exist next door to each other and are yet impossibly apart. Inhabited by men and women, parents and children, friends and lovers, each one fractured – and healed – by the irreversible forces of change. In her remarkably perceptive debut, Sibal shows how social mobility in today's India isn't just about aspiration, it's also shedding history to forge a future.
–Raj Kamal Jha

‘Incisive and elegant, Equations holds up an unsparing mirror firmly to all the Indias we know -- the India from our childhood to the India we live in, where ambition and privilege collide in the rarefied atmosphere of Lutyens Delhi, resulting in an upheaval of all we held true about ourselves and those around us. A fabulous debut.’
–Kiran Manral

‘A sparkling debut that ensconces the connubial trials of forgotten India.’
–Meghna Pant

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