Gangster on the Run: The True Story of a Reformed Criminal

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  • ISBN: 9789353577315
  • Author: Changoiwala Puja
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Pages: 296
  • Format: Paperback

Book Description

He ran from a life of drugs and bullets.

Now he runs to shatter records.

Rahul Jadhav took the name 'Bhiku' after a character from the 1998 cult classic Satya - a gangster who was everything Rahul once wanted to be. Capturing his don's attention as a tech-literate criminal running his extortion ring over Skype Rahul found himself shouting threats down the barrel of his gun and became one of the most wanted gangsters of his time.

After his arrest in 2007 the extortionist and hitman was left a shadow of his former self ravaged by alcoholism and drug abuse - which twisted his mind into a near schizophrenic state. That was only part of his journey.

Today the gunrunner is an ultra-marathoner who has covered nearly 10000 kilometres - including a 2019 run from Gateway of India to India Gate - and aims to shatter the national stadium run record.

Written by award-winning journalist Puja Changoiwala this is the extraordinary story of a hitman who became a de-addiction counselor and outran his demons leaving them far behind in the murky shadows of gangland.

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