The Bonsai Bible: Raising Exotic Miniature Trees in Your Home

The Bonsai Bible: Raising Exotic Miniature Trees in Your Home

Sku: 9781847739292

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  • ISBN: 9781847739292
  • Author: David Squire
  • Publisher: New Holland Publishers
  • Pages: 160
  • Format: Paperback

Book Description

In the last 20 years, the craft of bonsai has become a truly worldwide pursuit. "The Bonsai Bible" offers a variety of strategies for success with bonsai and features an introduction detailing the long history of this art. The book's unique appeal lies in its focus on keeping bonsai in indoor settings - a relatively new branch of the bonsai-keeper's art that is becoming ever more popular with the contemporary gardener. Indoor bonsai is an expanding part of indoor gardening, and one that is well suited to small living spaces and modern tastes in decor. "The Bonsai Bible" embraces this trend to address the particular demands of keeping both indoor and outdoor bonsai. It provides comprehensive advice on choosing the right plant, bonsai styles and forms, pruning, wiring and training, as well as care and feeding guidelines throughout the year, control of pests and diseases and how to build a collection. This book includes an invaluable A - Z (by botanical name) that features detailed entries of more than 40 tropical and subtropical trees that are suited to being kept indoors and 15 classic bonsai species suitable for outdoor settings. There are also suggestions for additional species suitable for indoor use.

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