The Lost Fragrance of Infinity

The Lost Fragrance of Infinity

Sku: 9788186939888

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  • ISBN: 9788186939888
  • Author: Moin Mir
  • Publisher: Roli Books
  • Pages: 332
  • Format: Hardback

Book Description

In 1739, qaraar Ali, a young craftsman from Delhi witnesses the destruction of his world as he has known it. His wondrous city where he found love, spirituality, the friendship of poets and philosophers becomes a desolate, scorching hell. From the embers of his past, a journey begins; one which takes him into the depths of Sufi philosophy.
traversing spectacular landscapes of a fading Mughal empire, a turbulent central Asia and Persia, a culturally retreating Ottoman empire and declining Spanish influence, qaraar Ali finds hope in the sacred Geometry of the Sufis through which he attempts at rebuilding his life and rediscovering love.
a deeply passionate love story imbued with spirituality, acceptance, compassion and redemption, <the lost fragrance of infinity gives a much deserved voice to Sufism and its contributions to humanity, art, Mathematics, mysticism and Science.

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