Addict The

Sku: 9789351368311

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  • ISBN: 9789351368311
  • Author: Sethi Diya
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Pages: 200
  • Format: Paperback

Book Description

This is the story of a girl who was hurt humiliated ridiculed and rejected - and she escaped. She became someone else someone who found solace in addiction primarily an addiction known as anorexia-bulimia.

The Addict chronicles that girl's war with herself a war she kept losing until she learnt to surrender. But this is more than just an account of a life defined by addiction. Diya Sethi disassembles the definitions and self-imposed boundaries that not only imprison us but also smother our lives. This narrative of immense courage sparks hope without boasting of heroism. It is the tale of a survivor who recovered from self-inflicted ruin and lived to tell the tale.

Honest gut-wrenching and ultimately heart-warming this tale of fortitude and perseverance cannot but move and inspire.

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