Amul's India : Based On 50 Years Of Amul Advertising By daCuncha Communication

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  • ISBN: 9789350291498
  • Author: Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Pages: 228
  • Format: Hardback

Book Description

The Amul campaign tells the stories of India a hoarding at a time. The hoardings are markers of the 'popular' history of India and have been followed by fans for decades. Timeless and ageless this long-running campaign has captivated Indians of all ages. The key character in this saga is the little girl in polka dots who helped Amul Butter win over an entire nation. This book celebrates her journey through the eyes of prominent writers public figures and the subjects of the hoardings themselves. It contains a series of vignettes creating a patchwork quilt of essays snippets and selections of classic hoardings. It offers us an inside peek into the back story of the creation of the ads. Amul's India is a celebration that would be of enormous interest to an observer of contemporary India be it a brand manager a management student or a fan of Amul. Or just somebody who wants a rollicking good time.

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